Debunking Common Hangover Cures

Debunking Common Hangover Cures

The sheer amount of locally created hangover cures truly boggles the mind, but how many of them actually work? Insider recently interviewed several different bartenders for their tried and true hangover cures. Today we’re going to take a look at five of those anecdotal methods for beating a hangover, and analyze them to see if there is actually any scientific validity behind any of them.

Chug Water Before Bed

This is actually a great idea. Honestly, you should drink water before you go out, while you’re out and before bed. Most hangover symptoms actually derive from dehydration. The more you can mitigate those issue the night before, the better your morning will be.

Drink A Beer As Soon As You Wake Up

This does sound like advice from a bartender. Unfortunately, while many bartenders do have a reputation for dispensing advice, this is terrible advice. The “hair of the dog” method has been around for many years. However, science has shown that all consuming alcohol the next morning does is delay the effects of your hangover. Not only that, but by continuing to consume the next day you are compounding the hangover symptoms. No, you might not be hungover til later in the day, but trust us it will be so much worse than if you had started your day with some water.

Drink A Pedialyte Cocktail The Next Day

This bartender actually suggests having pedialyte with your favorite vodka the next morning. This one is so close to actually being good advice. While Pedialyte is generally marketed towards children, it has gained a cult-like following over the last few years by adults who like to drink. Pedialyte replaces many of the vitamins and minerals that alcohol leached out of your system. The addition of electrolytes to pedialyte make it an incredibly effective way to rehydrate.

Avoid Greasy Good, Go For A Plain Breakfast

This is great advice. While greasy food can be delicious, it’s really only effective if you’re not that hungover. Otherwise, it’s only going to upset your stomach more and due to the generally smelly nature of greasy food, it can easily make nausea even worse. The best thing to eat when you’re hungover is something simple that’s easy on your stomach and nutritious to help your body recover—peanut butter toast with banana is one of our favorites.

Combine Emergen-C And Alka-Seltzer

Utilizing supplements to help ease the severity of your hangover is actually a fantastic idea. Modern science has allowed us to zero in on exactly what alcohol depletes and thus create supplements designed to specifically combat hangover symptoms. That means there’s no need to brew your own home remedy of Pedialyte and Alka-Seltzer. Instead, you can purchase a supplement specifically designed to less hangover symptoms, like Primer by Intelligent Drinking.

All you need to do is mix Primer with water and consume before or while drinking alcohol. Primer is the best way to reinforce and prepare your body with the nutrients that alcohol depletes while stimulating your liver’s detoxification process. Primer includes electrolytes, amino acids, methyl-vitamins and chelated minerals so that you can party hard without sacrificing your mornings. For more information visit

Most people have heard of some, or many, folk remedies for hangovers. The best way to cure a hangover is to stay hydrated, and do your best to replenish what the alcohol took from your body by using scientifically tested products like Primer.