Hangover Cures From Around The World

Hangover Cures From Around The World

Science has shown us exactly what causes a hangover, and that has, in turn, allowed us to create products like Primer, that are scientifically proven to aid in hangover recovery. However, hangovers have been around a lot longer than Primer has, and that’s led to some pretty crazy home-hangover remedies. Today, we’ve compiled some of our favorite hangover remedies from around the world! Of course, if we had to recommend one remedy to rule them all, it would be lots of water and a Primer.

The United Kingdom

The English ascribe to the “grease soaks up alcohol” belief, which is why their home-hangover cure is the traditional English breakfast. That means, beans, bacon, black pudding, eggs, sausages and fried bread. While it is tasty, grease doesn’t actually cure a hangover.


Peruvians turn to a drink they call “Leche de Tigre”, which roughly translates to tiger’s milk. This drink contains lime juice, coriander, garlic, onion, chilies, salt, pepper and fish. Maybe this works? I don’t know, we’re too scared to try it. Fair warning, they also use this drink as an aphrodisiac.


If anyone knows how to cure a hangover, it would be the Russians, right? Russians turn to pickle juice as their home-hangover remedy, and it actually kind of works. Alcohol is diuretic and pickle juices contain water and lots of salt; two things you lose through alcohol consumption.


The Italians, of course, treat hangovers with several cups of homemade espresso. While caffeine can make you feel a bit better, you have to be careful not to over do it. Too much caffeine and you’ll be dealing with caffeine withdrawal on top of your existing hangover symptoms.


The classic hangover cure for Mongolians goes back generations, but it’s not the most appetizing–pickled sheep eyeballs in tomato juice. There is science showing that tomato juice helps the liver process alcohol more quickly, but the value of the eyeballs remains a mystery. Honestly, you find yourself focusing so much on drinking picked eyeballs that you forget all about that hangover.


Denmark has one of the best hangover cures with their traditional Reparationsbajer beer. That’s right, beer. Denmark resident’s are firm believers in the hair-of-the-dog cure. In fact, Reparationsbajer roughly translates to “repair beer”.


In Thailand local residents always turn to Pad kee mao as their hangover cure, and it’s easy to see why. Pad kee mao, or “drunken noodles” as they are otherwise known are not for the morning after, but before bed. This wicked spicy noodle dish is made made with broad rice noodles, soy sauce, fish sauce, garlic, meat, seafood, bean sprouts and various seasoning. The idea is that the combination of nutrition and intense spice causes you to sweat out the alcohol before going to sleep.


The Canadians turn to their favorite dish, poutine, to cure their hangovers. Much like the United Kingdom, this hangover cure is based on the theory that grease helps soak up alcohol. It doesn’t, but poutine is delicious so we’ll allow it.


The Chinese have been using green tea as a hangover cure for thousands of years, so who are we to disagree. No, one cup is not going to cure your hangover, but it does have scientifically verified health benefits and certainly can’t hurt.


Much like China, Ecuadorians turn to tea for their hangover cure, but not green tea! In Ecuador, oregano tea is preferred for its stomach soothing qualities and vitamin boost! Again, one cup of this will not cure a hangover, but it will help!As you can see, there are a large variety of hangover cures in use around the world. The best way to avoid “snake oil” cures is to do your research! Remember that water is crucial to curing every hangover, and if you are going to take supplements take ones that help your body process the byproducts of alcohol more quickly! If you’re looking for a place to start, check out Intelligent Drinking’s LAUNCH product. Learn more at www.intelligentdrinking.com.